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Greetings Terrier Enthusiasts,

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a severe breech of fiduciary responsibility by the JRTCA registrar Terri Batzer. The JRTCA registry is the largest Jack Russell Registry in the world and it is in serious jeopardy because of fraudulent and unethical practices. Terri Batzer as the registrar is the chief administrator and responsible for the integrity and security of the of the JRTCA Registry.

Your Jack Russell's pedigree and vet check submitted at one year of age (along with a registration fee) are what you hold up to the world as proof that your terrier does not have any detectable genetic faults. When a terrier is known to have a genetic fault and it is surgically or cosmetically fixed and registered in the JRTCA Registry then all of us who register our terriers have been duped.

Most of us have had the heart ache of not being able to register a terrier because of a genetic defect discovered at a vet check. We have come to learn that is it for the best and will protect the future genetic health of the terrier. We have spayed or neutered the affected terrier in the best intrest of the breed.

Terri Batzer was called as a witness at the JRTNNC/JRTCA law suit in federal court and testified under oath. She was asked about a young female JRT named Briarpatch Honey that she took to Canada to have a wry bite fixed. The terrier was not able to be registered and a vet performed two separate surgeries under anesthesia, pulling teeth and fitting the incisors with braces to cosmetically fix the wry bite. At a year of age, Terri Batzer knowing, had the terrier registered even though she had a severe genetic defect. This is fraud and it severely damages the integrity of the JRTCA Registry.

A complaint will soon be filed with the JRTCA requesting the permanent removal of Terri and Jack Batzer from any position of responsibility in the JRTCA. It will be backed up with the federal court testimonies (soon to be put on line) from Terri Batzer and rebuttal witness Janet Sutcliff along with the vet documents, which can be seen on line now at

On the JRTCA website a statement was published on the Members Only page by Terri Batzer: 6/26/02 "There are rumors being circulated concerning corrections to dentition. The important issue is that the only thing that restricts a Jack Russell Terrier from registration is a jaw that is out of alignment; i.e., overshot or undershot. This means bone structure of the jaw, not crooked teeth. There are no rules in the JRTCA governing dentition; the straightening of incisors, pulled teeth, or missing teeth do not affect registration, nor do they break any rules in the JRTCA".

This statement is an attempt to manipulate and supersede the rules governing the JRTCA registration process and the Breeders Code of Ethics. It is severely damaging and shows utter disregard and contempt for the protection of the genetic health of the Jack Russell Terrier.

A copy of the complaint can be accessed by clicking here. If you would like to add your name to the growing list of JRTCA members who are supporting this effort to protect the Jack Russell Terrier please sign the complaint and return it in the envelope. If you are reading this on line you will see a printable copy of the complaint following this letter. You can fax a signed copy to (916) 775-2305 or mail it to 3104, Ryer Rd. E., Walnut Grove if you are a card carrying member of the JRTCA .

You can make a difference.
Margie Kauffman
JRTNNC President





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