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Rebellious Hunter & Tazzy

July 1, 2002.

Dont know if you guys remember us Sid and Cindy De La Torre. We have Rebellious Hunter our outlaw JR and little Tazzy whom we purchased from Lisa Renfro three years ago. We have been attending all the JR races until recently.

Friday night our JRs got out of our backyard and as usual ran to a nearby apartment complex to chase cats. We had just purchased a kennel and had reinforced our gate because they had gotten out before. Sadly, they both ran across the street and were both hit by the same car. When I got to the street I found that my poor Hunter had died instantly and little Taz was laying in the street still breathing. We rushed both of them to the pet hospital. On the way over to the hospital little Tazzy stopped breathing. She died in my arms in the back seat of our car. When we got to the hospital the doctor told us Tazzy had passed away from internal bleeding and Hunter had also passed away.

It was so sad. We had the worst weekend. We were supposed to go camping at the beach. Our house is so quiet. We are so used to hearing our dogs run up and down our backyard or pawing the front door to get in the house. I cant tell you how many times we have cried thinking about our dogs and what we could have done differently to prevent this. They were part of our family. They were the best hunting dogs. We have many wonderful memories of hunting for varmints and taking long hikes in the mountains. They used to love being out in the wilderness sticking their heads in every hole they saw.

We miss them so much but they will always be in our hearts. Let the rest of the club know that they probably wont see us out at the races for a while. Please remind the club members to make sure they have a secure place to keep their JRs.

Take care, Sid, Cindy, Chris
(posted 7/3/02)


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