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Is a Jack Russell Terrier the Right Dog for You?

Caution: Jack Russell Terriers are not the right dog for everyone.

The JRT has been bred as a hunting dog, first and foremost. They are bold, intelligent and energetic and need consistent training and supervision in any environment. Many terriers are given up by their owners because they do not fit into sedentary lives, or environments with cats or even small children.

JRT's love to run, dig, play and all types of intense physical activity. They need a job to keep them occupied. Author Catherine Romaine Brown descrbes the JRT as being "locked in overdrive between naps." One woman wrote that her JR "would think nothing of charging a wounded rhinocerous." A JR can jump, climb and dig under fences that are lower than six to seven feet high. JR's often fit well into an active lifestyle.

Do not adopt a JRT until you fully understand their requirements for a happy and healthy relationship. We receive 60 to 75 terriers a year in Northern California from homes that no longer want them for a variety of reasons, many of the stories are heartbreaking.

Jack Russell Terriers do shed. They come in 3 coat types: smooth, broken and rough. Smooth coats have lots of fine hair and of all the coat types they tend to shed the most.

The biggest cause of death in JR's is being hit by cars. People who have had this tragedy will often write letters to other JRT owners in the membership begging them to keep their dogs on leash at all times when they are not otherwise controlled or confined. Leash and obedience training is essential to having a well socialized dog.

Apartments are rarely adequate for this breed. Inactive lifestyles or long work hours are not recommended for these dogs. Small children can be at risk with Jack Russell's and need to be surpervised at all times. Cats and other small pets are at risk because JR's are hunting dogs. Jack Russell's can be rowdy, friendly or agressive with other dogs. JR's are often referred to as a big dog in a little package.

Life with a Jack Russell changes things forever. They can form strong bonds and learn very quickly, given consistant direction and constant attention. They will create trouble if they become bored or are ignored in a backyard or left in a house alone all day. If you are selected as the dog's favorite person, be prepared to be followed constantly.

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