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Agility Training :
The Fun Sport for All Dogs

by Jane Simmons-Moake

Covering training for all levels, the book teaches you how to get started, work on your own, attend classes, earn titles, and organize a competition or practice event. Includes official regulations and obstacle construction plans.

Excelling at Dog Agility :
Book 1: Obstacle Training

by Jane Simmons-Moake

This book is written as a companion to Simmons-Moake's award-winning set of videos on agility training (which are also excellent), but you do not need the videos to enjoy the book. There are pictures and diagrams, and the book is well-organized into easy to understand sections. The author breaks down the art of training agility into simple concepts, which she reemphasizes and builds on throughout the book. Simmons-Moake clearly understands how dogs learn, and encourages positive, motivational methods to teach dogs how to perform each agility obstacle correctly and to enhance the dog-handler relationship.

Switching Sides : Making the Transition from Obedience to Agility

This book is a must for anyone training in obedience who is or wants to train for agility. Kay explains in a very clear and concise way the benefits and problems of running an obedience dog in agility. She shows you how to transfer you training in obedience to help in agility training. There are numerous diagrams and photos showing you how to train agility equipment and strategy. Agility terms and lingo are defined. This is a reference book to be refered back to for folks just starting agility, and for the more experinced person to pick up some pointers.

The Clothier Natural Jumping Method

The original, proven system for teaching dogs to jump safely & correctly - naturally! In use since 1989, this method was developed by Suzanne Clothier to help canine athletes meet the incredible demands of agility. While this approach has been imitated, Suzanne Clothier is widely regarded as the leading expert on dogs and jumping.

All About Agility

This book is wonderfull for people just getting started in the sport of agility.It covers everything you need to know like the different organizations, training, and basicaly everything you need to know before realy thinking about doing agility with your dog.

Agility Training Workbook : A Step by Step Motivational Approach

This workbook goes beyond the basics in the companion agility video, Motivational Agility Training. From the first steps to advanced handling & training techniques, this workbook offers a thorough, gentle approach to agility that gives dogs of any age and breed the sound foundation they need to excel at any level while staying safe and having fun.

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