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New! Earthdog Ins and Outs :
Guiding Natural Instincts for Success in Earthdog Tests and Den Trials

by Jo Ann Frier-Murza

"Indespensible!"       "Essential"

The Jack Russell Terrier : Courageous Companion

by Catherine Romaine Brown

Jack Russell Terriers : Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

by D. Caroline Coile, Tana Hakanson (Illustrator), Caroline D. Coile

The Jack Russell Terrier:
An Owner's Guide

by Catherine Romaine Brown

The Jack Russell Terrier Handbook
(Barron's Pet Handbooks) by Caroline Coile, D. Caroline Coile

Ultimate Jack Russell Terrier

Guide to Owning a Jack Russel Terrier

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Jack Russell Terriers

Second Hand Dog : How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet
Books on Travelling with your Dog

Books on Training Your Dog

Music for Dogs

This is a great CD! We play it whenever we want our dogs to calm down. It works well in the car. We like the music enough to play it for ourselves!

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