The Philips Norelco 1150X/46

The Philips Norelco 1150X/46 is an upgraded innovation by Philips that makes the experience of shaving more effortless than ever before. It is the best electric shaver that anyone has ever used. The electric razor is the finest machinery that a man can possess, because it makes life easier and the man look classy.

As sleek as it looks, the technology involved in the Philips Norelco is commendable. The product includes an amazing technology, called “GyroFlex 2D” which allows the shaver to bend according to the contours of the face, style according to one’s own desire and shave without using any force. It also encompasses the skin gliding feature which helps in completing the task without any irritation.

The Dual Precision shaves the bristles and the shortest stubble growth on the face quite comfortably, which is usually a difficult task to trim. It also assures that dry shaving becomes simpler by incorporating the feature of Aquatec, which doesn’t mean that this shaver cannot function on a wet surface, it can be quite helpful for those people who prefer using shaving gels and foams because this new shaver can function on a wet skin as well. Adding on to these elements, it is also a SensoTouch product, which means that it is sensitive and gentle to the skin for a smoother shave.

Other than the technology the company has made sure that product is designed for daily use, so it should always be accessible to the user. Therefore the shaver comes with a stand that can be used while charging it, the benefit of which is; that one can leave the shaver to get charged in the night so that they can use the product right in the morning without waiting any time for the razor to resume working. The Philips Norelco can be used as a portable razor as well. This electric razor is basically cordless which allows it to run even without any direct power supply. It also has a feature of fast charging which is helpful at the times when one forgets to pre-charge it.

The exceptional design of the product makes it a very easy and light thing to grab, unlike the old model which quite difficult to handle. It comes in a combination of two colours, blue and black giving it a very attractive look. The shaver also includes a hair collecting chamber, which automatically collects the hair shredded without creating any hustle for the user.

The shaver comes a s package of a couple of things, including:

  • Manual – a detailed description about the functions of the shaver
  • Power cord – to charge the electric razor
  • Brush – to clean the blades
  • Charging stand – for a better way to hold the razor while charging
  • Electric shaver
  • Travel pouch
  • Senso-Touch Beard Styler.
  • (Optional)- for styling.

This electric razor has already been introduced in the market and is observing a great feedback. As for a lot of men shaving is a daily task because that is the one thing that can change an entire look of a person. Therefore the Philips Norelco 1150X/46 is one of the best products that a man can buy. It frees you from the worry of taking too much care of the fashion that you carry because it is designed for you, keeping in mind about the greatest innovations in the smallest features that can make your life way more easier.